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Sildenafil for Viagra®

We have been helping our Western Pa. Area patients with an “Alternative Rx” for Sildenfil instead of Viagra® and allowing them to save their hard-earned money for over a year now and received many thanks from these patients. As a result of our advertising, we have received many patient requests for Sildenafil from Erie, Pa. and other Northwestern Pa. areas and have be able to help them as well.

We have now decided to expand and bring Sildenafil into to the Erie, Pa. region so that many more people will be able to take advantage and SAVE UP TO $50 per dose over their Viagra® Rx.

Sildenafil for Viagra®

Our Friendly Staff – Always Ready To Assist You

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Greenville is a modern, independent pharmacy striving to assist our valuable customers and bring you everyday low prices on popular generic drugs. We take pride in helping our customers to better their healthcare while saving them money when the opportunity presents itself.

We always strive to provide friendly, competent, and quick service to all of our customers. We have a knowledgable, well-trained staff with pharmacists that take the time to address every customer’s concerns. We give back to the community often with contributions to our schools, churches and other community involved activities.